Is Accident Reconstruction Necessary in All Personal Injury Cases?

Is Accident Reconstruction Necessary in All Injury Cases?

A car accident may be caused by something as straightforward as speeding or intoxication. But some cases are more challenging, with many factors that played a role in causing the collision. This complexity can make it difficult to know what happened and who was at fault. In these situations, a car accident reconstruction expert can be a valuable advisor to determine the events leading up to the crash and what responsibility each party played in its outcome.

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What is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction is a set of scientific techniques and disciplines that can recreate the circumstances of a traffic collision to determine what happened leading up to the accident, during the crash, and in the immediate aftermath. It is often vital to identify who is at fault for the wreck and who can be held liable under Colorado personal injury law. Sometimes, more than one party may be to blame.

Crash reconstruction was developed to meet the needs of police agencies, insurers, and personal injury lawyers who investigate and handle car accident cases. It was eventually standardized as a field with the creation in 1985 of the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, which was made possible by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

What Is an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Accident reconstruction experts examine complex crash scenes to identify what went wrong. They often hold engineering degrees and are certified by organizations like the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.

Car accident reconstruction in a personal injury case can provide strong supporting evidence for the benefit of injured people. An expert’s testimony can play a key role in determining whether the accident victim has a reasonable claim for financial compensation.

How Do Accident Reconstruction Experts Recreate a Collision?

Experts often use many different techniques to understand what happened before, during, and immediately after a collision. Depending on the circumstances, an expert may use the following tools to prepare a car accident reconstruction report in a personal injury case:

  • Visual inspection of the vehicle
  • Examination of the crash scene and photographic evidence
  • Skid-mark analysis
  • Photogrammetry to understand any damage
  • Sensor data from vehicles
  • Police reports
  • Victim and eyewitness interviews
  • Road surface data
  • Safety recalls and known problems with vehicles
  • Computer models
  • Crash diagrams

What Questions Might an Accident Reconstruction Expert Be Able to Answer?

Car accident reconstruction experts may provide important information about an accident, including the vehicles’ speeds and whether the drivers hit the brakes before the collision.

Other answers an expert could provide may be:

  • Whether the drivers could see each other before the accident
  • Whether the accident could have been avoided and how
  • How the drivers were operating the vehicles before the accident
  • Whether a vehicle or parts failure contributed to the crash

When Could You Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

Accident reconstruction expertYou may need a car accident reconstruction expert when there are no clear answers about what caused an accident. Let’s say someone strikes you at an intersection. You believe they ran a stop sign, but they argue otherwise.

Let’s also imagine that witnesses give different accounts of what happened. An accident reconstruction expert could examine evidence such as skid marks and debris locations, determine how fast each vehicle was traveling at the time of the collision and whether the other car would have been able to reach that speed from a dead stop. This, in turn, could provide compelling proof about whether the other driver actually stopped at the intersection.

Whether you’ll need an accident reconstruction expert will depend on how complicated the case is and how much the other side fights to deny you compensation. If you have questions about your case and whether you need an expert, make sure to ask your car accident attorney.

Why Are Accident Reconstruction Experts Important in Personal Injury Cases?

Accident reconstruction experts can be an essential part of personal injury cases. Rather than simply relying on photographs or “he said, she said” statements, an accident reconstruction expert can provide an unbiased assessment of the crash scene. Because the expert has no financial interest in the case’s outcome, their opinions tend to carry more weight with insurance adjusters, attorneys, judges, and juries.

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