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Truck Accidents

Semi-Trailer Truck Accident Lawyer in Colorado

While commercial trucks move nearly 70 percent of all freight in the U.S., these vehicles can also cause significant harm if they are involved in an accident.

    Commercial trucks require a great deal of skill and care to operate safely. A single mistake can easily lead to a devastating crash.

    If you have been the victim of a truck accident in Colorado, turn to the attorneys of Earl & Earl, PLLC. Our colorado springs truck accident lawyers have helped numerous accident victims like you to get their lives back on track after life-altering accidents. You can trust that your case will be as important to us as it is to you. Our tractor-trailer accident lawyers put in the hard work necessary to see that you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

    Our semi truck accident attorney handles every step of your case so that you can remain focused on your treatment and rehabilitation. Our tractor-trailer accident lawyers strive to provide personalized attention to each of our clients. You can always count on responsive communication from us and on always being able to speak directly with the attorney handling your case.

    Contact us today at Earl & Earl, PLLC for a free consultation with a truck accident lawyer in Colorado. Our semi truck accident attorney will go over your legal rights and options for seeking compensation for your injuries and the losses you have suffered from an accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of a truck driver and the trucking companies.

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    Why Trucking Accident Cases Are More Complicated Than Car Accident Cases

    truck accident lawyers You might think that a truck accident case is no different than your ordinary car accident claim. However, truck accident cases tend to be more complicated than car accident claims for a few important reasons:

    • More evidence. The trucking industry’s highly regulated nature produces considerable documentation and information that must be reviewed following a truck accident. This evidence can point to the crash’s cause, such as driver fatigue, improper cargo loads, or deferred vehicle maintenance.
    • More serious injuries. The forces involved in a truck accident tend to lead to serious injuries. If you are still undergoing treatment when you bring your claim for compensation, it can make resolving your claim more difficult. That is because you will need to estimate your future expected expenses and losses. Once you have settled or resolved your claim, you can’t go back to the at-fault parties to demand more money in the future.
    • More potentially liable parties. Many companies are involved in the trucking industry, and any one of them may bear some or all the fault for a truck accident. Those parties include the trucking company, the freight company, or the truck’s manufacturer. A case involves a careful examination of the evidence in a truck accident case to determine whose actions led to the accident. If multiple parties were responsible, the share of fault should be assigned to each party.
    • Complex corporate and insurance arrangements. Trucking companies often employ complicated corporate structures and have layered insurance policies that make it difficult to know what company or companies can be held legally responsible for the accident and how much insurance coverage may be available to compensate victims.
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    Who Can Be Held Responsible after a Truck Accident in Colorado?

    Unlike most motor vehicle accidents, which only involve the drivers of the vehicles in the crash, a truck accident involves many more parties that may bear responsibility for the crash.

    Parties that might be held responsible following a truck accident in Colorado include:

    • Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer in ColoradoThe truck driver, who can be held responsible when their own negligent or reckless operation of their vehicle causes an accident
    • The trucking company, which can be held liable for the negligence of a truck driver that it employed, or for its own negligence in hiring, training, or supervising drivers that operate for the company
    • The truck’s owner, if different from the truck driver or trucking company, who can be held responsible for deferred maintenance of a truck that causes an accident
    • The freight company that loaded the truck or trailer if problems with the load cause or contribute to the accident
    • The truck’s mechanics, who may be held responsible for negligently performed maintenance that leads to an accident
    • The manufacturer of the truck or parts used in the truck, who may be subjected to a products liability claim if design or manufacturing defects lead to the truck accident

    Evidence Our Firm May Use to Support Your Truck Accident Claim

    Truck accident claims require us to review many more pieces of evidence than in other kinds of motor vehicle accident cases. Examples of evidence that our colorado springs tractor trailer accident attorneys may use in your truck accident claim include:

    • The truck driver’s logs, which may show if the driver had exceeded their hours-of-service limitations and may have been exhausted or tired at the time of the accident
    • The truck driver’s toxicology report if the crash involved serious injury or death
    • The truck’s vehicle data recorder, a “black box”-like device which records information during the truck’s operations, such as speed, GPS position, and steering/acceleration/braking
    • The truck’s dashcam footage from a video device that is common in most trucks today
    • The trucking company’s dispatch logs, which might show if the driver was using the radio at the time of the crash
    • The truck driver’s cell phone logs, which might show if the driver was using their cell phone immediately before the accident
    • The load manifest, which can show if the truck was carrying an unsafe load that may have caused or contributed to the crash
    • The truck’s maintenance records, which can show if necessary or recommended maintenance was not performed

    In addition,  Our semi-truck accident lawyer may use other evidence commonly used in other types of motor vehicle accident cases, such as police accident reports, vehicle damage reports, and accident scene photos.

    How Much Is Your Truck Accident Case Worth?

    If you have been involved in a truck accident caused by the truck driver’s or trucking company’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover financial compensation for losses arising from:

    • Medical expenses, including hospital bills, doctor’s appointments, surgery, physical therapy, medication, or medical equipment you are required to purchase
    • Lost income and earning potential when your injuries cause you to miss time from work or disable you from being able to return to your job
    • Lost quality of life such as due to scarring or disfigurement, or due to disabilities that interfere with your daily life
    • Pain and suffering caused by your physical injuries and emotional distress
    • Property damage, such as repair or replacement costs for your vehicle that was involved in the accident

    Statute of Limitations on Truck Accident Lawsuits in Colorado

    Under Colorado law, if you wish to pursue a lawsuit to recover compensation following a truck accident, you typically must file your suit within three years of the date of the accident. Filing a suit after the statute of limitations has expired on your claim can give the court grounds to permanently dismiss your case regardless of the merits of your claim. For that reason, you should not wait to get legal help.

    Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Colorado

    Many truck accidents occur due to the negligence or recklessness of truck drivers and trucking companies. Some of the most frequent causes of truck accidents in Colorado include:

    • Careless or reckless driving, including speeding or going too fast for road conditions, failing to signal, following too closely/tailgating, and failing to check mirrors and blind spots
    • Distracted driving, including using a cell phone while driving
    • Drowsy or fatigued driving, often caused by a truck driver remaining on duty for too long
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which could include prescription medication
    • Inexperienced drivers, as safely operating a commercial truck requires a degree of training and experience
    • Unfamiliarity with routes, which can lead truck drivers to end up on roads and streets unsafe for large commercial trucks
    • Overloaded or improperly loaded cargo, including failing to secure cargo from shifting during travel or having an unbalanced or top-heavy cargo load
    • Deferred or negligently performed vehicle maintenance
    • Design or manufacturing defects that contributed to the accident

    Other factors that can cause or contribute to truck accidents in Colorado include adverse weather such as snow, ice, heavy rain, or fog, and poor road conditions, including potholes or debris in the roadway.

    Truck Accident FAQs

    Truck Accidents

    What if I am partly at fault for the crash?

    Just because you may bear some fault for the accident does not mean you cannot pursue a compensation claim. Colorado uses a “modified comparative negligence” rule in truck accident cases. Under this rule, an injured party is not barred from bringing a claim so long as their share of fault for their injuries is not greater than the percentage of responsibility of the party from whom compensation is sought. In other words, so long as you were not 50 percent or more responsible for the truck accident, you can still file a claim against the other at-fault parties.

    However, under comparative negligence, your total compensation must be reduced in proportion to your share of fault for your injuries and losses. For example, if you suffer $100,000 in losses from a truck accident that you bear 20 percent responsibility for, your compensation will be reduced by $20,000 to reflect your share of fault.

    How much does it cost to hire a truck accident lawyer?

    The truck accident lawyers of Earl & Earl, PLLC handle our clients’ cases on a contingency fee basis. That means that a client does not have to pay anything upfront for our assistance and representation. We get paid only if we secure compensation on a client’s behalf. We get paid a previously agreed-upon percentage of the total compensation we obtain for our client.

    How long will my truck accident case take?

    It’s hard to say. How long any truck accident case will take depends on multiple factors. These include whether the truck driver and trucking companies contest liability for the accident, the severity of your injuries and whether you are still receiving treatment by the time you begin pursuing your claim, and how many people had been injured in the accident. A truck accident case can also take longer if your claim ends up going to court and trial, with the length of your case largely dependent upon the court’s availability and schedule.

    Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

    The force of an impact with a commercial truck can lead to the victims of a truck accident suffering severe and life-altering injuries, including:

    • Severe lacerations and excessive bleeding
    • Broken bones
    • Soft-tissue injuries, including sprains and tears of ligaments, tendons, and muscles
    • Neck and back injuries, including whiplash injuries and herniated or ruptured spinal discs
    • Internal organ injury and internal bleeding
    • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
    • Head injuries
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Burns and smoke inhalation injuries, if the accident results in a fire
    • Amputations

    Injuries from truck accidents can easily result in permanent disability or premature death for an accident victim.

    How Our Trucking Accident Attorneys in Colorado Can Help You

    After you’ve been in a truck crash, let the 18 wheeler accident lawyers in Colorado of Earl & Earl, PLLC help you to pursue your legal claim by:

    • Preparing a personalized legal strategy to ensure our truck accident lawyers are pursuing the results you want and need
    • Conducting our own thorough investigation of the accident, securing all available evidence, including driver logs, vehicle data recorder information, police accident reports, and load manifests
    • Bringing in accident reconstruction, engineering, and trucking industry experts to help us persuasively explain how the accident occurred and how the trucking parties were responsible for the accident
    • Finding all available insurance coverage so that you have access to the maximum amount of compensation
    • Filing claims on your behalf and vigorously pursuing full and fair settlement of your past, ongoing, and future losses and expenses
    • Preparing your case to go to court or trial if necessary

    With Earl & Earl, PLLC, there is no risk to you when it comes to pursuing the financial recovery you may be entitled to receive for your injuries and losses. You owe us no fees unless and until  Our semi truck accident lawyer recovers compensation on your behalf.

    If you have been injured in a truck accident, contact our truck accident attorney today for a free, no-obligation case review. You can speak with one of our Colorado truck accident lawyers about the details of your claim and learn more about why having a truck accident attorney on your side can make a difference in your case. With offices in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Grand Junction, Denver, and Pueblo, Our Truck Accident Attorney are ready to serve you.

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