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More than three million workers are injured on the job every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    If you are in search of a workers compensation attorney in Denver, Colorado, trust Earl & Earl, PLLC. We are proud to work alongside Colorado residents who have been injured in workplace accidents as their personal injury law advocates. Most workers suffer long-lasting effects from back strain, brain injury, spinal problems, or even burns that occurred because of workplace accidents. These medical problems can drastically change your life, and we believe you deserve to be compensated for what you have suffered.

    According to, all businesses with employees operating in Colorado are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the number of employees, whether the employees only work part-time, or if they are members of the same family.

    Although money will not completely fix your medical problems, it can make your transition back to your normal routine a lot easier. It will definitely help relieve some of the financial burden on you and your loved ones while you are unable to attend work and receive your usual income. Medical bills can be extremely high. Workers’ compensation can also cover any medical expenses that insurance companies won’t. This is why it is important to team up with workers’ compensation lawyers in Colorado that understand the extent of the burden you’ve suffered.

    The Colorado workers compensation system is designed to avoid the outrageous costs of the litigation process. You are able to navigate through the process on your own, but it is much easier to hire a workers comp lawyer from Earl & Earl, PLLC. We are fully trained and have the experience and commitment to represent you. Workers’ compensation insurance companies may take advantage of the victim because they believe that he or she doesn’t have the knowledge regarding this matter. You should not risk your compensation for the pain and suffering that you have endured. Don’t let just any attorney take on your case. Trust workers’ compensation lawyers with decades of experience – like the team at Earl and Earl, PLLC.

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    What Areas of Compensation Can Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Denver Work to Provide?

    Workers’ compensation cases are as unique as the individuals involved. The different types of compensation that become available are contingent upon the specific details of your case.

    The severity of your injuries may change the dollar amount of compensation you might receive. Also, the sum of money you make every week in your paycheck will determine the amount for workers’ compensation you will be awarded to be financially stable. Depending upon the facts of your case, it is possible your attorney can award you compensation for any of the factors listed below. The types of compensation an individual may receive are determined by the factors listed above. They are determined on a case-to-case basis. If you are a workplace injury victim who is forced to miss work to nurse you injuries, you may be awarded benefits for:

    • Physician-supervised medical treatment
    • Medical supplies and training
    • Temporary disability pay for time spent off work
    • Permanent disability pay
    • Death benefits for dependents who lost a loved one

    The areas of compensation eligible for your case are contingent upon the evidence and documentation that’s able to be provided. When you meet with your workers’ compensation attorney in Colorado Springs, Denver or one of our other law office locations. Your attorney will examine your potential benefits and the compensations that can be legally awarded to you.

    With regard to workers’ compensation benefits, some industries are exempt from providing these types of injury benefits to their workers. In some states, public employees such as firefighters and law enforcement officers are not eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured while working on the job. It is in you and your family’s best interest to connect with a workers’ compensation lawyer if you are unsure if you can receive benefits.

    In addition to medical benefits, workers’ compensation makes sure you are properly compensated for the time you’re forced to take off of work. You deserve to be compensated for the time you have spent away from work, because lost wages in your paycheck can severely hinder your ability to pay your bills and provide for your family and loved ones.

    Your workers’ compensation coverage is determined based upon a percentage of your average weekly wage. The amount of money you can receive weekly when you receive workers’ compensation is calculated and determined by the state.

    Why Should I Work With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Colorado?

    If your injuries require extensive and long-term medical treatment, or result in long periods of time away from work, you should absolutely contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Earl & Earl, PLLC. If your work-related injuries happen to result in permanent disability, your workers’ compensation attorney will be able to provide legal counsel in this situation as well.

    When you contact our office regarding your Colorado workers compensation case, the initial consultation is completely free with no strings attached. You won’t ever have to worry about any initial deposits nor lawyer hourly fees. Our team does not get paid a single penny until you do. You only have to pay us a small percentage of your compensation if, and only if, we win your case. There is absolutely nothing to lose on your part. Let our team of workers comp lawyers in Colorado ease the stress on you and your family by handling all of the legal matters.

    If your employer doesn’t accept your workers’ compensation plan or fails to properly compensate you, your attorney will come to your defense and demonstrate the negligence of your employer.

    Sometimes, the settlement you’re awarded doesn’t cover your medical bills or lost wages. If you’re out of work due to a workplace injury, you should not have to settle for an insufficient compensation package. Most workers’ compensation judges will approve any settlement as long as it is not unlawfully unfair. Only a lawyer can fight to be sure you are secured the highest settlement and compensation package possible.

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    How Does the Workers’ Compensation Filing Process Work?

    When an injury occurs, remember that it is the duty and obligation of your employer to give you, the employee, the proper workers’ compensation paperwork. It’s also the duty of your employer to file a workers’ compensation claim with the company’s insurance carrier. Your employer has a legal obligation to comply with Colorado state and federal law by promptly reporting any work injuries you sustained on the job.

    You as the injured employee have certain state and federal obligations as well. If you become injured while working or on a job site, you have a duty and obligation to notify your employee regarding the nature of your injury. You have to properly document with your employer the date and time of the injury as well as the specific conditions that caused the injury to occur. You must also document the type of injury, such as a broken bone, concussion, or burn. This becomes your formal workers’ compensation claim.

    Your attorney will compile all necessary documentation to prove your injury. Your attorney will then help you draft and execute your workers’ compensation application and ensure that all the necessary paperwork is free of error and contains all the information required by the government. Your lawyer will help make sure your application is as accurate as possible, and that your injury and accident situation is well-represented when presented to the social security administration.

    In the unfortunate event that your workers’ compensation claim is denied, your attorney will work to appeal the situation and fight to demonstrate that you deserve compensation.

    Contact Earl & Earl, PLLC for a Free, No-obligation Consultation of Your Workers’ Compensation Eligibility.

    We help make workers’ compensation cases as easy as possible for Colorado injury victims. You are, of course, entitled to try and take on the workers’ compensation system on your own. But it’s not always in your best interest to try and represent yourself. Without a lawyer, you will likely not receive the highest possible compensation that you would with a workers’ compensation attorney.

    Employers want to protect their best interests, and the insurance companies involved only want to spend as little money as they possibly can. Only a Colorado workers’ compensation attorney knows state and federal laws regarding workers’ compensation, and will ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

    Call Earl & Earl, PLLC today at (719) 900-2500. We are proud to offer a no-obligation consultation to anyone in need of advice regarding a workers’ compensation case. We never charge for an initial consultation, and never will. We’re committed to giving Colorado workplace accident victims a voice, and are happy to provide sound advice to anyone in need.

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