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Earl & Earl, PLLC are committed to providing legal solutions for the unique needs of senior citizens.

    The elderly have a different set of needs that must be properly and professionally addressed. In the context of nursing home injury law, compassion and understanding are of the utmost importance. When an elderly loved one suffers an injury, slip and fall, or experiences medical malpractice in a nursing home, it’s best you work with a team of attorneys who are accustomed to the sensitive set of challenges dealing with the elderly requires. Emotional and medical needs play a larger role than with any other practice area of law. Earl & Earl, PLLC are committed to providing sound legal counsel to you and your family, so you can focus on peace of mind and spending quality time together.

    A nursing home should be a place of care, concern, and compassion. In the devastating event that your loved one suffers an injury under the care of their nursing home, it’s important to connect with a lawyer.

    Nursing homes are long-term facilities that have strict codes of conduct to which they must adhere. In the event these codes of conduct are breached, you are entitled to take legal action. Especially in the context of elderly care, there is no room for negligence.

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    What Are Examples of Nursing Home Injuries?

    A nursing home injury is generally described as any injury that an individual suffers while under nursing home care and supervision. As senior citizens continually age, the risk of suffering an injury greatly increases. We trust nursing homes to consistently monitor our loved ones not just on a day-to-day basis, but we trust them to monitor their health symptoms and progress as well. If a nursing home fails to adequately care for your elderly loved one, you have every right to contact a lawyer and advocate for your loved one in a court of law. Commonly occurring nursing home injuries include, but are not limited to:

    How Will a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Fight for My Elderly Loved One?

    If you’ve trusted a nursing home or long-term care facility to properly care for your elderly loved one, you have every right to seek justice if they’ve failed you.

    Nursing home injuries cause unjust suffering to not just their elderly residents, but loved ones of those residents as well. Everyone suffers when those who can’t take care of themselves are exploited and treated unfairly. It’s easy to feel emotionally overwhelmed and saddened by these types of situations. Earl & Earl, PLLC are trusted personal injury attorneys with adequate skill and experience to fight for your loved one in court. We are committed to finding every way possible to demonstrate the liability of the negligent party and award your elderly loved one the compensation they deserve. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone in this situation. We refuse to charge for your initial consultation, because we believe everyone has a right to sound legal advice. You deserve to feel confident in your approach to this unjust and unfortunate situation.

    As your trusted nursing home injury lawyers, Earl & Earl, PLLC will collect any necessary documents and evidence that will contribute to the strength of your personal injury case. Your personal injury attorney will assist in collecting statements and records of applicable parties that strengthen your case and help demonstrate negligence on behalf of the nursing home.

    At Earl & Earl, PLLC, as your nursing home injury lawyers, we’ll work aggressively to demonstrate the negligence and accountability of the nursing home and will fight to defend your elderly loved one in court. As experienced litigators with a passion for the law and negotiation, we’ll use our decades of expertise on behalf of those you love most.

    When you team up with a nursing home injury lawyer, you can rest assured knowing decades of legal practice are on your side. We will fight to build the strongest nursing home injury case possible, and demand your elderly loved one receive the care and compensation that’s rightfully owed to them.

    What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect to Receive From My Nursing Home Injury Lawsuit?

    There are many ways in which an individual can be compensated after suffering debilitating injuries due to nursing home negligence.

    First and foremost, your lawyer will account for the medical problems your loved one has suffered due to negligence, and help assess a cost. If your loved one has needed additional prescriptions, hospital visits, or surgery due to the negligence on behalf of their nursing home, you have a right to seek financial compensation for these expenses.

    In addition to the costs of medical care, your elderly loved one likely endured excessive pain and suffering at the hands of their negligent caretakers. It is especially unfair for an elderly person in nursing home care to be mistreated, because they are largely unable to provide for themselves and can only rely on medical staff to help complete daily tasks. When they are taken advantage of in this way, they also endure pain and suffering. Earl & Earl, PLLC will always factor your loved one’s pain and suffering into the details of their case. The depression, anxiety and fear that are associated with nursing home injuries are not to be overlooked. Your elderly loved one deserves to be compensated for every aspect of harm they suffered.

    In the event of a nursing home injury case, your lawyer may seek damages for punitive damages as well. Punitive damages are defined as compensation awarded in order to punish the defendant for their improper conduct or negligence. In some nursing home injury cases, your lawyer will be able to recover punitive damages from the nursing home in question and award them to your injured loved one. As always, consult with your personal injury attorney as soon as possible, and with as much evidence as you can.

    Earl & Earl, PLLC Are Nursing Home Injury Attorneys With the Knowledge and Experience Necessary to Advocate for the Elderly.

    Earl & Earl, PLLC have locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Pueblo and Grand Junction. We are committed to many practice areas of personal injury law, including nursing home injuries. We understand that in the context of elderly care, legal proceedings can be particularly sensitive and emotionally-charged. At Earl & Earl, PLLC, we are compassionate yet aggressive. We’ll listen to every aspect of your case with individualized and personal attention, yet fight on your behalf in court with diligent persistence.

    If you or a loved one are a victim of nursing home injury, contact Earl & Earl, PLLC, as soon as possible (719) 900-2500. You may be entitled to compensation.

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