“Amazing Attorney. He is great. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this attorney. I was SERIOUSLY injured in an accident last year. So much so that I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. A bunch of other “advertising” attorneys (firms I saw on TV) tried to come and see me, without my permission, wanting me to sign up with their firm! It was crazy. My wife found Mr. Earl online and called him just to ask some questions and was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Earl walked us through the claim, explained to us the situations when we should or should not have an attorney and then explained why the other attorneys were so anxious to sign me up. (My case was worth ALOT of money). He wasn’t pushy and gave me the answers needed making feel like he really cared about my needs and concerns. I ended up hiring Mr. Earl and have been delighted with his performance. Not only did he conclude my case with a very large settlement, but he was responsive to my phone calls (he gave me his cell number! What attorney does that?) and was very straight forward and accommodating with his time, advice and counsel. If you are injured in an accident, you should call him. Period. Don’t hesitate.”